Our intrepid crew of Mo Bros has finished up in Vegas at the Life is Beautiful Festival, and now the gang is spreading the gospel according to Movember on the road to Oregon. Take a look at their photo dispatches from the road!

The first pit stop at Hoover Dam for some Dam photos!

Travel blogger Raymond Walsh drove out to meet the Mobile Mo’oasis crew.

Doing it’s job to spread the message about Movember.

Making its way across the Hoover Dam.

More Dam photos!

Does this shot remind anyone else of Breaking Bad?

MC/Host Frankie Beruman has a Manly Moment and recruits some Mo Sistahs along the way.

This place is a ghost town. No really, it’s the actual ghost town of Calico, near Yermo, California.

Sure is purty out here with these wide open spaces.

The road to Yosemite National Park!

Tour captain Shawn Law taking a much-deserved break at the entrance to Yosemite.