Driving like a considerate person on the road is the basic currency of human decency. It’s not hyperbole: If people can’t obey the rules of the road, our entire civilization breaks down. Pretty soon things go Mad Max and you’ve got dogs and cats living together. No thanks.

So we were beyond excited to see some enterprising Russians making sure people don’t drive like douchebags.

In a stroke of supreme direct elegance, they call it the “Stop a Douchebag” movement. In this—and yes, I am aware this word is overused, but I’m using it anyway—epic video, watch young world beaters step up and call out people driving on a sidewalk.

You’ll be totally unsurprised to see some Russians trying to run them over anyway. That’s fine: They’ve got (apparently impossible to remove) stickers for the windshields of such antisocial elements.

What we enjoy most is how polite the stoppers are. The lesson here: Don’t combat douchebaggery with intensifying douchebaggery. That just makes the whole world douchey. On the contrary, be the good guy you want to see in the world.

The “Stop a Douchebag” movement is showing us just what this looks like in action.