It’s been tested in the past and delayed but don’t discount the importance of the new release of MovieBeam, it is the future of movies. Moviebeam is a box connected to your TV that receives movies over the air through datacasting. Datacasts are sent through unused airwaves and will picked up and stored in the MovieBeam box. Users will then be able to buy a movie for $1.99 and they will be in High Definition. This is not for everyone at this point but it certainly is nice for the frequent movie watcher. What this is laying the groundwork for is a beaming of all kinds of entertainment into your box. MovieBeam will come with 100 movies prestored but will update daily and add new movies all the time. At this point movies are good for 24 hours but there is not doubt in my mind you will be able to buy them and record a copy on a DVD. All they need to do is work out the rights. Movie studios love this because there is no cost whatsoever just like Itunes. No marketing, no hard goods, no packaging. Everyone wins. When everyone wins things succeed. Look for more on MovieBeam soon and certainly Jobs is going to be involved because Disney is the largest backer of the service but so is Intel and Cisco. With that kind of support things move along a little easier.