Everyone’s least favorite- and most tan – mortgage slinger, Angelo Mozilo, doesn’t know the difference between ‘forward’ and ‘reply’. The result: a public relations disaster.

Mozilo’s company, Countrywide Mortgage, has been blamed by many for causing the sub-prime crisis. Although it’s not accurate to lump this all on one company, their policies, similar to others, are what led to the collapse in the housing market. Check out our profile of how it all went down.

But Moz has been laying low lately as his company is getting bailed/bought out with a Bank of America takeover. However, he wasn’t quiet enough on this fateful day.

Many homeowners suffering foreclosures due to screwy Countrywide policies are fighting back, by sending form letter emails directly to Countrywide executives, namely Mozilo.

One of these proactive homeowners, Daniel Bailey, wrote a ‘hardship letter’ explaining his situation to Mozilo saying that he was promised a chance to refinance before his mortgage became un-affordable. That refinance never happened, and Daniel is in the process of being foreclosed.

According to an article in today’s LA Times, Mozilo proved he doesn’t give a crap about those suffering by hitting ‘reply’ instead of ‘forward’ and sent Daniel the following response:

Angelo_Mozilo@countrywide.com wrote:
This is unbelievable. Most of these letters now have the same wording. Obviously they are being counseled by some other person or by the internet. Disgusting.

Daniel was taken by surprise by the crude response he received. He had gotten most of the information for his form letter complaint from the mortgage advocacy site, LoanSafe.org. After posting the response he got to a forum on that site, it was picked up by the LA Times and is now circulating the internet.

Nice going, Mozilo. I’m not going to harp on your ethical business practices at Countrywide, but learn how to use a friggin’ computer. Don’t they teach you how to use e-mail on the first day of CEO training?

LA Times: Mozilo On Distressed Borrower’s Appeal For Help: Disgusting, May 21, 2008