Open your iTunes. Scroll through it. If most of your songs are titled “Unknown” or “Track 07,” you need to pay attention. If under ‘artists’ you have Eminem spelled “Em&em”, “M&M” and “sLiM ShAdyyy” listen up.

You need to download TuneUp, stat. Picture TuneUp as maid service for iTunes. It knocks gently on your door each morning and brings you fresh towels, makes your bed, and fixes all your id3 tags. For starters, it tags all your untitled or mislabeled tracks correctly, aligns artists who are listed with multiple spellings, and assigns album cover art to tracks lacking them. Sure, you could do it yourself, but that would require borrowing time and energy you’ve already devoted to downloading more untitled, misspelled, artless tracks. It’s a vicious cycle only TuneUp can right.

TuneUp also comes with something called Tuniverse, which will rest on the side of your iTunes window and bring you web content directly related to whatever you’re listening to such as live versions or music videos. You can download the free version, which gives you free Tuniverse and concert updates forever, but only 100 song clean-ups and 50 album covers (a.k.a. the Super 8 maid). Or you can buy Tune-Up Gold for a one-time fee of $29.95 (now we’re talking The Ritz).