I have been told I need to keep track of the stocks in my portfolio and document what I recommend. I will very limited in what I recommend to buy but I will always give my opinion because that is what the blog’s for. When I talk about a stock I am going to say the following (BUY) if I am going to add it to my portfolio. (SHORT) If I am going to short in the portfolio. (OPINION) if I am only giving and opinion and (WATCH) if it’s on my short list. I have been told nice picks as well as I’m a great short. Now we’ll see. I am going to make sure the page is fun with funny pictures and stories so I am going to limit my stock picks to those I feel strong about and not every thing that runs through my mind. Here are my holdings listed by my largest holding to my smallest. I will use today as my buying point and make today as the official starting point.

OXPS ($28.74)

CELG ($69.09) 2/8/06

CRDN ($58.73) 2/8/06

($38.33) 2/8/06

AAPL ($67.66) 2/8/06

GOL ($30.00) 2/9/06

($25.95) 2/9/06

ISRG ( $100.51) Bought this much higher but using as of today