Well I finished my first ultra marathon this weekend. I think it went especially well considering I didn’t train for it nor did I taper the week before. The time was horrible but it was 28.38 miles over snowy, icy, and at times, hilly, windy terrain. I finished in 5 hrs 13 minutes but stopped, chatted and ate every 4 miles or so. I think I could shave and hour off the time if I was serious about it. As I got tired towards the end I incorporated the “run down the hills, walk up the hills” method of finishing. It worked pretty well and I could have gone another 10 miles using this method but sure glad I didn’t.

The hardest part of the whole ordeal was the fact I had to work the Winter Carnival at church that afternoon and evening and I was just a bit tired. I probably didn’t give my best effort in running the Plinko game. On the brighter side, when the race was over I had my first Big Mac in three years. I like Big Macs but just haven’t had the right accomplishment that justified putting my body in the fast lane to cardiac arrest. I figured burning almost 4000 calories that morning was good enough so I ate two with a cheesburger and a large fry. I for some reason was really hungry.

I write this the morning after and the legs are a bit sore but not as bad as I had planned. Nothing a little Tylenol can’t fix. My wife went out for a 5 mile job this morning and the temperatures here in Illinois have dropped a bit. My run was at 32 degrees with 10-15 degree wind chill. Today it’s at zero. She was going to wait until tomorrow but I lied and said there were lots of people out jogging and walking the dog. She has a set of running gear I bought her that is supposed to be good to 40 below and I figured she would be safe. She covered her face in Vaseline (to keep it moist and protected to the wind) She came back unscathed with one minor problem. Her ipod was frozen. So cold she got the dreaded check mark. I think it will recover when it warms up. Just like my legs, things should be back in working order by Monday.