I had a little episode that was a bit embarrassing the other day. Optionsxpress, who is my favorite broker and the one I personally use, bought a “hive” at blogads. I have been put in the hive of stock market bloggers. I really don’t fit in that category but as random as I am, I really don’t fit in any category. Back to the story

Optionsxpress buys this hive which puts an ad in every blog that is part of this group. When optionsxpress sees my site they decided to pull the ad. Evidently they don’t like the boobs and girls as much as I do. I forget how they put it, something along the lines of being too “spicy” or something. I still get paid for the ad (if optionsxpress pays their bill to blogads) but I still feel bad. I spent over $20,000 in commissions with optionsxpress and thousands again this year. I guess I don’t have the image they are trying to portray but my money is clean. . What all the other bloggers don’t realize is the only reason optionsxpress bought the hive is they saw the numbers a week after my “tattoos” story came out and it got 350,000 page impressions that day alone. When they saw the blogads hive with all those hits and at such a cheap price they jumped on it. Now don’t get me wrong all the other blogs in my adgroup are much much better blogs than mine and much more stock oriented, but advertisers see page impressions AND quality of viewers (mine is the numbers part) . So all you guys that have an optionsxpress ad on your site, glad I could help but when you see the nice looking girls on my site please throw me a dollar.