When I started this blogging thing it started as a stock market blog. Along the way I got a little off course. Things have gone OK and I get tons of Google hits but unfortunately they are probably not the ones that Mom or Dad would be so proud of. Here are the hits from Google that I get and keywords that place WallstreetFighter on the first page of links

Hillary Clinton Lesbian (top listing woohoo!!!)

NSFW pic

Sell Broken iPods

Marzia Prince

How to Get Laid (I think I’m most proud of this one)

Funny Wall Street

Funny Xrays (tons of people looking for these)

worlds worst tattoo

Will Farrell Harey Carey

Fat Britney Spears

Important Things In Life

Tallest People

Who Owns Facebook

Most Valuable Autograph or Autographs

Official Gay List of Hollywood

Wallstreet Bull

Urban Exploration (page 2)

The list goes on and on but you get the point. I knew I would hit it big time someday but I had no idea I would become the number one source for Hillary Clinton Lesbianism. Proud, so proud