If facebook.com thinks they are worth $2 billion then I might as well go for the cash as well. They turned down $750 million already and are waiting for the big 2.o. For that much money can’t some big company go ahead and start their own? What does it take to start? A bunch of money and a take it to the street marketing firm. You are buying eyes and they definitely have a bunch of those. It’s the seventh most visited site on the internet but again you are buying eyes and they have a determined value. Here is the prices of the purchase price per “eye” over the last few years. From crazy to good deal. Acquisition price per monthly unique visitor (logarithmic scale) Brodcast.com $710 Excite $394 Lycos $385 GeoCities $187 MarketWatch $80 BlueMountain.com $71 About.com $58 Ask Jeeves $44 MySpace $36 AltaVista $26 About.com $22 iWon $18 Weblogs Inc. $10 Launch Media $6.60 BlueMountain.com $3.23 Lycos $2.57 MP3.com $1.84 Excite $0.73 DrKoop.com $0.47 Sources: ComScore Media Metrix; 451 TechDealmaker; Nielsen/NetRatings; Business 2.0 analysis. Right now the average price is at $38 per monthly visiter. At 37.3 million unique views is Feb that would price it at $1,417,440,000 give or take a few dollars. So buying at 2 billion would be overpaying. Now my site would be worth about $120,000 due to my 4000 unique viewers per month. I will be selling for a mere $100,000 if someone would like to buy it by Friday.