Joan Ginther’s chances of winning the Texas lotto as many times as she has are approximately 1 in 1.8 septillion.  Or, if you rather, 1 in .0018 hella-illion.  But, despite the odds, she hit the jackpot 4 times for a sum total of $21 million.  

In 1993 she won half of a $10.8 million split lotto.  In 2006, she won $2 million from a scratch ticket, and in 2008 she won an additional $3 million doing the same lotto with a ticket she bought at the same store as the first.  And, finally, this year she won an astounding $10 million off a $50 scratch ticket.  

So how does she do it?

Nobody really knows.  Aol News reports:

Calculating the actual odds of Ginther hitting four multimillion-dollar lottery jackpots is tricky. If Ginther’s winning tickets were the only four she ever bought, the odds would be one in 18 septillion, according to Sandy Norman and Eduardo Duenez, math professors at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Exactly how often Ginther plays is unknown. But Norman and Duenez said that a habitual player winning four times over a 17-year span is much less far-fetched.

Whatever she is doing, it’s probably not all luck.  One of the few things known about Ginther is that she got her doctorate from Stanford in 1976, and has spent the remaining years (when not winning the lottery) teaching math.  Seems like somebody cracked the code.