I’ve seen this spot on TV a few times now and I just wanted to know, ‘Does anyone else get the wrong first impression from this ad?’

Maybe I’m just jaded by huge oil companies bragging about how green they are or the fact that every other TV network is making its logo green, but when I watched the first half of this commercial I thought it was some cutesy brand comparing their new ‘clean coal’ technology to that of mother nature herself. I just assumed they were making an allusion to how great and effective their new eco-friendly product was.

Instead, the ad serves as a means of showing that there is no such thing as ‘clean’ coal. It’s non-existent at this point. By the end of the spot you’ll realize it’s a more dark and cynical approach to the situation.

ThisIsReality.org offers some dark facts about the coal industry and serves as a reminder that no form of coal can be called ‘clean’ until all CO2 emissions are captured and stored safely without harming the environment. They even have a cute little dead bird as their mascot. Canary in the coal mine, get it? But shouldn’t this have been something airing before the election, when we could have actually done something about it?

What do you think of the ad and the marketing campaign in general? Is it effective or just another shout falling on deaf ears?