Naked is more than a full-length mirror. Without compromising aesthetics, its 3D-depth Intel® RealSense™ Technology uses infrared light to capture body metrics and then display a clone-like body model on its associated app.

The mirror tracks accurate body fat percentages and weight up to 330 pounds, muscle growth and fat loss, and uses a heat map to present all that data visually. You can also track your body’s changes over time by creating a custom time-lapse of your weigh-ins or by viewing side-by-side comparisons. The mirror features auto-user recognition, a scan countdown and more, so all you have to do is get naked (it scans whatever is exposed), step up on the turntable scale before the mirror, take it for a spin and then check your phone for results.

Naked is currently priced at a pre-order rate of $499 and will ship starting in March 2017. So you’ve got about another year to answer their tagline: Are you ready to get naked?

naked scale