Stuff your wallet with these new bad boys!

A few months ago, the new 5 hit the printing presses and through the magic of paper transactions and everyday commerce, these bills are finally circulating around the country and into your hands.

Here are some of the new add-ons to deter all those evil counterfeiters out there:

1. Added fine microprinting in those ornate side borders. Too bad, we were still trying to find that hidden owl that’s supposed to be in there somewhere on the old ones.

2. That seemingly random cloud of little yellow number 5s and 0s on the front top left is set in a pattern that will send an alert to image processing software. Meaning that if you try to use Photoshop or other photo editing tools to make copies, the fuzz may be at your doorstep.

3. A new vertical row of watermarks to the right of the Federal Reserve seal. The, always fun, Where’s Waldo-style hunt for the watermark at the checkout line/strip club just got a little easier to find and harder to imitate.

4. A new vertical ‘security thread’ located between Abe’s face and the Treasury seal glows blue in ultraviolet light. It shows USA and #5 decals, but some of the fives are backwards. Tricky.

5. The shield carried by the eagle in the background of the bill has some added finer details and printing on its top bar. It seems like they’re really struggling to find new places to stick some new crap.

6. Another large #5 watermark hides in some of the only empty space on the bill, at the very far right on the front.

7. Don’t forget that huge purple #5 in the bottom right corner on the back of the bill. The purpose of that flamboyant digit? Increased visibility to decipher between bills at a glance.

The new Fiver has some fancy features, but good thing they didn’t give Honest Abe a face-lift. He’s beautiful just the way he is.

What do you think of the new bill? Let us know in the comments section. The New $5 Bill, March 13, 2008

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