Apple unveiled their new iPod Nano today, and there’s a lot of changes. Some of them are good, some are bad (no video?!), but, really, all of them are ludicrously adorable. 

The new Nano’s are a much-trimmed-down iteration of their iconic line weighing in at 42% lighter and 46% smaller than their big brothers. They come in the same colors as before, but you can also get graphite red, now, which is the Global Fund-sponsored model.   They come in two memory sizes – 8GB and 16GB for $149. It’s got hard volume buttons, but the rest…see below

They also added multitouch, though we’re not exactly sure why. With the screen size at a diminutive that you’d be hard pressed to get two man fingers on their to use it for anything (like photo manipulation). Still, look at that face. You can’t begrudge something so cute a little frill here and there. Check it out at Apple