Have ridiculous sports gimmick purchases hit a new low?

As we reported at the end of June, an apple core that Tiger Woods supposedly ate during his playoff victory at the US Open was up for sale on eBay.

After the first ‘fradulent apple core’ was a bust, the new apple was sold to a new startup fantasy sports company as a publicity stunt.

Rotohog, a fantasy sports brand launching a new NFL game, paid the sum of $716.66 for the infamous apple and set up a promotional site to decide the fate of the apple. An except from the site highlighting the options follows:

Next to a tongue in cheek oversized asterisk symbol it says:

“Please note, unlike that other infamous auction, RotoHog will deliver on our word as we will carry through with whatever you decide. How do you like d’em apples Marc?”

Ooo, callin out Marc Ecko – these guys are nuts! But Ecko did live up to his promises. He branded the ball with an asterisk as per the winning option on his online poll and returned it belatedly to the Hall of Fame. Bonds is even boycotting the whole Hall of Fame because of the damn thing. So what are these guys prodding Ecko about?

And besides, I don’t think paying over $750k for Barry Bonds’ record breaking ball is quite at the same level as Tiger Woods’ $716.66 half eaten apple. Actually — really there shouldn’t be any comparison, that’s just silly.