A federal appeals court bitch-slapped the U.S. Treasury today by ruling that paper money should be easier for blind people to distinguish.

Judge Judith Rogers (Judge Judy???) agreed with the American Council for the Blind and their case that current American banknotes do not guarantee “meaningful access”, which is required by the Rehabilitation Act. Could new bills, like the proposed ones shown here, be in the works for the future?

Via an article from CNNMoney, we learned:

[Judge] Rogers also wrote that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has not met his burden to show why changing the money would impose an undue burden. “A large majority of other currency systems have accommodated the visually impaired, and the Secretary does not explain why U.S. currency should be any different,” Rogers wrote in her ruling.

Judge Judy-‘Roy’ Rogers is referring most notably to the Euro currency, which features plenty of flamboyantly colored bills with large purple numbers. Not entirely unlike the large purple 5 on our newest American note.

Let’s feel free to discuss this openly without fear of being un-PC, because the ‘Braille version’ of WallStreetFighter is still in production. Why can’t blind people just do what the main character in the movie Daredevil did? He was blind and just folded each denomination of bills differently so as not to confuse them.

Do you mean to tell me that blind people shouldn’t have to be so industrious with their monetary exchanges?

I just hope that if we do adopt differently sized and colored bills, that we stick to our roots with the new color schemes. Red 5s, Blue 10s, Bald Eagle Brown 50s and maybe Rocky Mountain Snow White 20s?

Think we should completely change our paper currency? Let us see your opinion in the comments section.

CNN Money: Paper money unfair to blind – court, May 20, 2008