Do you have your safe sex license on you?

A Brooklyn guy’s identification card service idea has been getting some major street cred lately. The service allows potential partners to check up on your sexually transmitted history using an ID number and PIN code process similar to checking a bank account.

The service is becoming popular in the form of “would-be hook-ups” requesting to see the ID before hopping in the sack. Better have that info at the ready, son.

It’s kind of bizarre, but the program already has over 15,000 people nationwide signed up and registered. The service, called STFree, requires a one-time $19.99 fee that allows members to join.

According to a report in the New York Daily News, there’s a ‘van’ you can sign up for all this in:

At registration, which can be completed online or inside an STFree van that travels citywide, program subscribers must provide a detailed sexual profile and be tested.

To access the testing history of an STFree cardholder, partners must have access to the phone number located on the back of the card as well as to a PIN number provided only to the STFree member.

I guess hopefully you trust the guy rolling around in this van throughout the city and you feel comfortable enough to divulge all your past exploits with him:

If he didn’t seem like such a socially conscious and caring individual, I might assume he just developed a brilliant new way to hook up with chicks in his van. That guy behind the whole program is Eli Dancy, a Brooklyn native who started it all back in 2004.

Dancy developed the idea after seeing the deception and high likelihood of disease transmission in his neighborhood. According to the statistics, nearly one third of New Yorkers with multiple sexual partners refuse to use a condoms, and lapses in good judgment like that have led to over 100,000 people in the city becoming infected with HIV or AIDS. Scary stuff, man.

The whole process isn’t fool proof though. Obviously someone could contract a disease after getting their all-clear card and their new partners would be none the wiser. That is why Dancy refers to the service as a ‘sexual credit check‘. Much like a regular credit check it doesn’t guarantee you will pay your future bills on time, but it does give an indication what you are all about. They are banking on showing that the people with these ID cards are more safe-sex conscious than those without it.

No need to fear personal identification fraud or privacy lapses because the service requires that you enter a private security code before viewing anyone’s personal information. The only way you could theoretically get that info is if it were given to you by a potential mate in order to check up on your sexy past. Maybe you could sleep with them to get their code info but then, dude, what would be the point?

So what do you think? Will this be the future of sex? Anyone wanna dish out some money and invest in getting this guy a less sketchy looking van? Comments section, ahoy.

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