Nihon Uni, a uniform maker based in Japan, doesn’t have a need for Kevlar vests because nobody gets shot in the land of ninjas and throwing stars. They do, however, have a need for this: the Nihon Uni, “knife proof” t-shirt.

The fiber used in the shirt is an “ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber” which is reportedly three times stronger than cotton. That doesn’t seem like a lot – don’t you think you could cut through three tshirts with a knife? However, somehow, the tshirts are able to withstand slashes from a blade. However, predictably, they cannot withstand a direct, pointed stab. 

Better unslashable than slashable, though, right? And, combine knife safety with the A.C. Slater-esque, see-through nature of these safety garments and you’re killing to somewhat obscure birds with one expensive stone. The shirts, by the way, cost anywhere between $190 and $522 depending on the cut and style you choose. Via Tech Shout