Even if you’re a black diamond business traveler, you’ve probably encountered security holdups removing your laptop from its case. Security officials are now calling for the production of new x-rayable bags that won’t require you to remove your computer. Improvements galore!

I thought the wacky new black diamond express lanes and nude body scanning technology was helpful, but now I won’t have to remove my laptop? This is what supreme happiness must feel like. (Reese Witherspoon must be happy about this news).

The reason the Transportation Security Authority (TSA) is getting all proactive on this one is because it will save time and increase efficiency at airport security checkpoints. With over 25% of all air travelers carrying laptops with them, this new allowance will make things run so much smoother.

The TSA is recommending that bag manufacturers take a new approach by creating products that are ‘checkpoint friendly’, meaning they are void of excess buckles, straps, cords, and buttons making them easier to view with an x-ray machine. In creating these new ‘checkpoint friendly’ stipulations, it will allow manufacturers to market and sell a whole new style of travel luggage.

According to a New York Times article about this, Targus and Pathfinder are said to be in the process of producing two new bags that adhere to the ‘checkpoint friendly’ motif. The bags will cost between $39 to $100 depending on the model and are composed of mostly nylon and foam materials.

All of this innovation leads me to wonder if the ‘laptop sleeve‘ should have been an acceptable substitute all along. The ‘sleeve’ is merely a tight protective wetsuit-like covering for your laptop (Some even come equipped with creative designs). It fits the bill for something that would be easily x-rayed, but was previously met with the same “take your laptop out of that thing” hostility from security personnel.

Hopefully a little further education and spread of the term ‘checkpoint friendly’ will make these products more widely accepted. If not, I’m just gonna try carrying a MacBook Air between my ass cheeks.

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