Sexiest. Running. Of the Bulls. Ever.   New Orleans, the city that sleeps sometimes but not during Mardi Gras, is holding its annual running of the bulls. But, not to be outdone by the outdated Pamplona, they’re putting their unique joie de vivre into it by using fierce-and-foxy roller derby girls. 

It’s not just that, though. Also part of the festival is the Friday night pre-party. Saturday morning is the running of the bulls (properly, the Encierro), and then Saturday evening is, in the style of Brick, a pants party. Yes, thank you for inviting us. We could like to go to the pants party. The party keeps on rolling with a Sunday brunch, too, and a later afternoon screening of the World Cup. That’s a whole lot of love in the Big Easy. If you think you can handle it all, head down South this July 10th, and go ahead and spring for the VIP Package