Air Hogs makes some incredibly addictive little gadgets. It started out with just the simple RC indoor helicopter, but now they have helicopters that are a great deal more maneuverable, a set that can dogfight with lasers that deactivate each others’ engines, a model that fires missles, and now: a spy chopper. 

The Hawkeye isn’t exactly going to be used in Iraq with its 5 minutes of 320×240 video, but as you’ll see in the video below it works fine on You Tube, especially when considering the measly $65 price tag. That’s how much keychain digital cameras with that resolution cost that you can’t fly into your buddy’s dorm room.

Unless you’re pretty steady on the stick, the video can be a little shaky. We’d probably use it more for the 650×480 still shots it takes with the same onboard camera. Once your flight is complete, you can upload the media to your computer via USB, and the Hawk Eye even ships with proprietary video editing software so you can stylize your spy missions.

The Air Hog Hawk Eye RC Chopper will be available commercially later this month, but if you can’t wait to get yours, you can enter the Air Hog competition detailed in the video below (with in-flight recorded video from the Hawk Eye) to win one early. Via CNET