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Me as I started to write up this post: "Now to get goin’ on Megan Fox’s boobs."

Writer Matt Sears in response: "You’re the Brian Austin Green of blogging."

Touché Mr. Sears.  You have that rare combination of razor-sharp wit and a bottomless bag of pop culture references.  Aside from the fact that Screenjunkies is NOT A BLOG, BUT A WEBSITE, good sir, you’ve made worms’ meat of me.  Dare I say you’re the internet’s 18-34 male-targeted Diablo Cody?  I dare!

Speaking of that woman, whose name sounds like a hot sauce released by Kathy Lee Gifford’s son (obscure pop culture reference #2!!!), here’s the trailer for her latest, JENNIFER’S BODY, starring Michael Bay’s least favorite ingenue, Megan Fox.  I’m not a huge fan of JUNO or THE UNITED STATES OF TARA, but darned if this one doesn’t look like a hell of a good time. 

The backstory is this: Megan Fox’s character is a bitchy high school cheerleader (stretch, we know) who is possessed by a demon and then starts killing boys.  Possibly by eating them.  Sold.  Throw in some trademark Diablo Cody dialogue ("Diabologue?") – which works really well in this self-aware, comedic setting – and that’s a winner. 

Favorite inappropriate line from Megan Fox’s character in the trailer?  "Smells like Thai food in here.  Were you guys f**king?!"

JENNIFER’S BODY also stars Amanda Seyfried and Adam Brody as the bad guy… a spitting image of the lead guy from The Killers.  Or Panic! At The Disco.  They’re the same, right? 

Opening September 18th, 2009.


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