It’s New Years Day and it’s time to make some resolutions. I’m not sure if it’s one of those things you tell someone they won’t come true things (I think those are wishes) but if that’s the case, with my big mouth nothing would ever come true. Here are my resolutions.

1. To make sure that I take off the twenty pounds I put on this month. Yes, 20 pounds. I run 50 miles a week during the regular season and eat like a horse. Now I just eat like a horse

2. To make sure that I am a good father to Jessica Alba’s baby. I got my self into this and I’ll be a man and be there for her.

3. To put my Rogain on daily. Screw the shave it short and grow a goatee thing. I want to keep my frickin hair

4. Quit drinking 8 diet cokes a day. Aspartame flows through my veins. I love the bubbles when they touch my lips. When I fall off the wagon, I’ll throw in a Mountain Dew. I really need to knock it down to 7.

5. Make sure to not give out the web address of any new web projects to my family. After reading this they have never looked at me the same. Nothing like being judged on your character from the stories at WallstreetFighter.

6. Read The Elements of Style . Everyone whom I’ve met that is a good writer says this is THE book to read to start becoming a better writer.

7. To raise green good sales in my regular business by 20% through pure on site marketing alone. I am creating a plan to take the same product we have already had and present it in a way that it sells better. We are a multi million dollar business and this will be no small task. My biggest goal of the year

8. To run a marathon in under 3:15 , to run an ultra over 30 miles and to run at least 3 marathons.

9. To have a body like Brad Pitt in Fight Club. So far the only things that are similar is we both have a stomach and a belly button. (my wife added that we both have a hot wife) See Barbara Walters fuzzy style shot to the right

10. To make WSF the funniest stock market site on the net. You’ll see the first changes coming in the next few days