Albert Camus famously warned, “At a certain age, every man gets the face he deserves.” For most of us who had one too many last night, the face we deserve greets us in the mirror the very next morning. This is especially true on New Year’s Day, when that supposed “fresh start” begins as a zombie-like stupor. There are as many silly cures for hangovers as there are hiccups, but what most guys overlook are the cutting-edge ways to heal a hung-over face and body. Try these Birchbox Man-approved tips.

1. Shave like you’re going to work
Prepare for hangover recovery like it’s a real 9-to-5 job. Shaving will help you get in the zone to actually treat your symptoms, as opposed to just enduring them.

2. Pour your mug a cup of coffee
You can knock back all the Prairie Oysters you want. Even if you’re feeling fine on the inside, your face will bear the evidence of your bad decisions. For perking, lifting and stimulation of facial skin cells, a moisturizer containing some caffeine will do the trick.

3. Clear up the windows to your soul
Because the skin around them is so sensitive, your eyes require some targeted healing. Use your ring finger to dab under-eye treatment around any dark circles.

4. Numb away the ache
All that (terrible) dancing felt magical last night, but today you’re feeling the hurt. Spread on some soothing muscle rub liberally.

More of a visual learner? Check out this handy how-to video: