Well, guys, Mariah Carey is a single lady again. And honestly, is anyone surprised?

Not only did she recently split from billionaire fiancé James Packer, but shortly after they called off their engagement, she started dating backup dancer Bryan Tanaka. Now the word is she and Tanaka have broken up after five months of dating, and rumors are swirling about why. Was it his jealousy? Was he just a rebound?

One thing is certain: Unlike Olivia Munn, Mariah is probably not the perfect girlfriend. Here’s why you might wanna think twice before sliding into her DMs…

1. She’s a diva.
Do we even need to tell you this, men? Carey is known to be the all-time diva, and we’re sure that could be super annoying at times. Let’s see, she only allows people to take pictures of her from one side of her face, so have fun with taking photos of all your fun memories together. Also, while on tour (and we’re assuming around her mansions), she likes to be carried or pushed in a chair backstage. Seriously. You know what this means, you’ll have to cater to her ass like no other and better beef up those arms! And you thought your ex was a needy broad…

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2. She’ll only spoil you for a little while.
There’s talk that Tanaka got the boot because he was broke. Can you blame a girl that’s worth hundreds of millions for wanting to date a rich man? According to reports, her backup dancer boyfriend wasn’t digging into his wallet enough and was letting her foot the bill for everything, including his jewelry, fancy shoes and clothes, so it was one of the main reasons why she just had to let him go.

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3. She just had a billionaire fiancé.
Carey’s been living the dream for quite some time now. Not only does she make her own big bucks, but her last love was a freaking billionaire. They had places to live all over the world, partied on his own yacht, and her engagement ring cost $10 million! If you date her, good luck sustaining that lifestyle and surviving those comparisons.

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4. She won’t deal with your jealousy.
Yep, Carey’s one of those who will always be around her ex. We know, how puke-tastic, but that’s how she rolls. She has two kids with ex-husband Nick Cannon, and from the looks of it, she’s not afraid to always hang out with him. While both of them have allegedly moved on since their divorce in 2016, they still co-parent like no other, and even attend vacations and parties together. According to TMZ, Tanaka was pissed when Mariah went to the Kids Choice Awards with Cannon and her children a few weeks ago, and she wasn’t having that. It was apparently another factor in the split.

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5. Her schedule sucks.
One of the main reasons Carey and Packer called off their engagement was reportedly because they never had time to see each other. If you watched her reality TV show Mariah’s World on E!, you would’ve seen that she’s been touring like crazy lately and has a really weird schedule. Did we mention the girl is a complete night owl? She barely does anything during the day. Strange, right? Obviously performing and making money comes first in her world, so be prepared to take the backseat.

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We’re pretty sure there are other reasons why Carey isn’t the perfect girlfriend, but we don’t have all day to tell them to you. Just do a quick Google search and you’ll see for yourself. She reportedly wouldn’t sleep with Packer until they got hitched! Seriously. So yes, she’s drop dead gorgeous and hella successful, but one thing is for sure, she’s a boss b-i-t-c-h. If you’re into that sort of thing, then she could easily be your girl and hey, she’s officially single! If not, steer clear, man… steer clear!

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