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So Olivia Munn and Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers have called it quits after dating for three years and engagement rumors, and now the alluring actress is officially on the market again. While there may have been talk that she was into Rodgers for his fame and money and that his family didn’t like her, there’s still a ton of reasons why she’d be great to have around. Like…

1. She reportedly initiated the breakup with Rodgers, so you know what that means…she’s over it. If you started to date her, you wouldn’t have to worry about her backpedaling and wanting him back. Did we mention that she likes to play beer pong in a sexy bathing suit? WIN!

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2. She isn’t a big fan of social media. Even though she’s posted sexy pictures of herself in the past, she kept things pretty quiet about her relationship on there. Depending on what type of social media person you are, you may think this is a good thing if you like to keep your life private. She never posted her and Rodgers’ drama on the site, but instead posted cute pictures of her man or the two of them enjoying life together once in awhile. Some may think her online quietness is a bad thing, like she didn’t want some people to know she was a taken lady. Either way, you wouldn’t have to worry about her being too annoying on social media—or her fan-trolls getting at you.

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3. She’s a dog lover. If you have a canine BFF, she’ll understand because she does too. She and Rodgers actually set up Instagram profiles for their prized rescue pups and posted fairly regularly. It may be awkward hanging out with her ex’s dogs, but look at her, the weirdness would be worth it.


4. She’ll support your career. Munn always supported Rodgers’ football career, both on the field and off, especially when his family’s personal drama started playing out publicly. The Rodgers family drama first made news during JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, in which Aaron’s brother Jordan Rodgers participated. He opened up to his now-fiancée about his family’s estrangement from Aaron on the show, which reportedly began when he got together with the X-Men: Apocalypse actress. As that talk made headlines, she kept her cool.”So proud of this team,” she noted on Instagram following the Packers’ loss in the NFC championship game. “They faced a lot of adversity on and off the field, but battled to get this far.”


5. She won’t blast you publicly if you break up. While we’re sure tons of publications have been hitting her and her people up to comment on the alleged split, Munn has stayed mum about the whole situation. We all know there are girls out there who love to blast their exes after a breakup, and it seems like this girl is keeping it quiet and classy. Who can’t appreciate that?

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