We’re pretty sure this kid could kick your ass. Seven-year-old Ryusei “Ryuji” Imaj from Japan is apparently a prodigy at epic ass-kicking, and for this, we can thank one of the world’s great asskickers, Bruce Lee.

Imaj reportedly began absorbing the martial arts movie legend’s films at age one with Enter the Dragon. Now, years later, he’s got a popular YouTube channel and over 33,000 fans on Instagram. Who wants to watch a kid sing and dance when you can watch this dude prepare to cream someone? He may be only seven years old, but honestly, just his face and badass demeanor leave you thinking you wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley.

After watching Imaj do Lee’s amazing nunchuk routine from Game of Death, we couldn’t help but wonder if he has some of Bruce’s genes in him. He does the routine in perfect sync with Lee all while never even looking at the TV.

So who taught this little man his skills? His dad, of course. The kid’s father is super proud of him and seems more like a calm, focused coach than a stage dad, and it’s very obvious this kid absolutely loves what he’s doing.

Did we mention this Mini Bruce is ripped AF, too? If his skills didn’t convince you that his badassary is on another level, his body will. We’re pretty sure he’s built better than any of us ever will be.

Bet you we’ll see him starring in his own martial arts action flick in a few years. Bruce would be proud.

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