Drama alert! WWE star Bray Wyatt has found himself inside a real-life episode of Maury Povich. The American professional wrestler’s wife, Samantha Rotunda, just filed for divorce after claiming he cheated on her with 23-year-old Raw ring announcer and Instababe Jojo Offerman.

Of course, Wyatt is denying the cheating allegations, but regardless, we can see why he’d be tempted with JoJo. Here are just a few reasons.

1. She seems super sweet… other than the whole cheating with a married man thing, of course. She’s dated fellow wrestler Jesse White since 2013, and as of April 2017, they were still together. She made her relationship status with White obvious by posting cute messages to him on Instagram.

2. Even before her WWE job, JoJo had dipped her toes into the fame pool. She was part of the E! Network reality television show Total Divasduring the first season, which aired in 2013.

3. Her sexy looks aren’t all she has going for her. JoJo actually sings, too, and sang the National Anthem at SummerSlam last year. She’s also a dancer. That’s not a shocker, though…have you seen her killer bod?

4. She comes from a talented family. She is the daughter of former professional baseball player José Offerman.

5. JoJo can blame her hotness on her roots. She’s a swirl of two of the sexiest descents out there. She’s Mexican and Dominican.

6. We’re assuming she allegedly dug her nails into Wyatt because she is a well-known flirt. The girl seems to get who and what she wants. In Season 1 Episode 6 of Total Divas, JoJo notices wrestler Justin Gabriel, says that he is “so hot” and asks Chris Jericho if he’s single. Later in the show, they’re seen flirting backstage. She’s also been linked to Randy Orton. They reportedly started dating shortly after his divorce in 2013.

7. She’s not worried about age differences, so any dude pretty much has a chance. During the show, JoJo also said that she doesn’t think it’s a big deal that Justin Gabriel is older than her; there was an age difference of 13 years between them.

8. She seems like she’s great with children. She posts several pictures with family and friends’ kids on the ‘Gram. Who doesn’t dig a girl who loves little ones? Especially if you have some of your own… (Ahem, Bray!)

9. JoJo isn’t afraid to show off. Have you seen her Instagram page? The girl loves showing off her curves for fans who can’t make it to the shows. Honestly, who could say no to this booty, er, body?