Imagine not hearing your father’s voice in more than 20 years.

Seems like a rough scenario to grasp, right? Well, thanks to Allstate, a family was recently able to hear their dad’s voice again twenty years after he had passed away.

Guisto Patinella was a loving father who unfortunately died in 1994 after a battle with cancer. His two children, Gina and David, have dozens of photos of their father, but no audio or video. No one had iPhones or Facebook back then…

So, when David became set to get married earlier this year, Gina started contemplating what she could give her brother as a wedding gift. She thought of the perfect thing.

Her family always talked about how their father did an Allstate commercial back in 1971. The ad didn’t run very long, so no one in the family had ever seen it. Gina emailed Allstate asking if they could possibly dig up the commercial from their records.

While many companies might ignore such a request, the insurance company did not. Despite the ad being almost 50 years old, they were able to find a long-lost copy.

On the eve of David’s wedding, Gina played the ad in front of the wedding guests. Of course, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

“I just can’t believe that so many people went through all of this just to make this happen,” says a tearful David. “I’m gonna watch it a million times. I love it … it’s the best present ever.”

You can watch the touching clip and their story, below. Perhaps this would be great footage for a new Allstate TV commercial?

Ahh! We’re not crying, you’re crying!