Think you could survive in the wilderness for five days all by yourself? In what sounds very much like a deleted Ivan Drago flashback scene from Rocky IV, a four-year-old Russian boy has been found alive after spending nearly a week alone without food in a bear-infested forest.

Dima Peskov was on a camping trip with his parents in the Reftinsky reservoir near Yekaterinburg, 900 miles east of Moscow, when they became separated. The kid had gone to get firewood with his father, Andrei, when he complained of feeling tired and wanting to return to his mother who was waiting by their tent, about 50 meters away. The dad set him off in the right direction, but somehow the child got lost.

Of course, like most parents would do, the Peskovs freaked out and started frantically searching for their child. After they couldn’t locate him, a huge search involving 300 police, volunteers and rescue workers was conducted. They were assisted by search dogs and a drone. Bears were detected during the hunt, leaving the searchers fearing the worst.

And yet, five days later, a special services soldier on leave found the tyke about four miles from where he was last seen. He was reportedly slumped by a hole under a tree near a swamp.

Surprisingly, the boy was OK. He was dehydrated, had insect bites, and may have contracted pneumonia. He was lucky because he was wearing a coat which kept him warm at night. In the forest, temps dropped to about 48 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mr. Peskov told reporters: “I don’t know where he slept, under pines and conifers, where he could. He drank water from the swamp, ate grass. I hope to God he will be OK. He was covered in ticks, bitten by mosquitoes. He went hungry for five days. All his clothes were ripped.”

The boy later said he was “very afraid” and survived on a diet of berries and grass.

Sounds like a total zadira (Russian for badass) to us.

Photo: iStock/seread