What a shot! A Canadian sniper really proved his country and people are capable of kicking ass after he reportedly hit an ISIS fighter from a record-breaking distance of more than two miles while assisting Iraqi forces in the push to gain control of Mosul.

The unnamed marksman was a part of Canada’s elite Joint Task Force 2 special operations unit. They’re currently deployed in an “advise and assist” capacity to help Iraqi security forces battle ISIS from behind the front lines in Mosul. How in the hell did he do it?

“The Canadian Special Operations Command can confirm that a member of the Joint Task Force 2 successfully hit a target from 3,540 meters. For operational security reasons and to preserve the safety of our personnel and our Coalition partners, we will not discuss precise details on when and how this incident took place,” the unit commented in a written statement.

But a source close to the situation told the Globe and Mail that the elite sniper was using a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle while firing from a high-rise during an operation that took place within the last month in Iraq. It took him under 10 seconds to hit the target.

A former Marine told the Washington Post that a spotter with an advanced optical device or drone was probably necessary to hit the target. Weather had to play a big factor, too.

Of course, this accomplishment can’t go down without any skepticism. The reported target was shot from 3,540 meters, or about 2.2 miles. That would beat the previous sniper world record of 2,474 meters or 1.54 miles set by the United Kingdom’s Craig Harrison when he killed two Taliban insurgents in November 2009.

While the shot has been confirmed by The Canadian military unit, the distance of the shot has yet to be formally confirmed by a third-party agency. There are reports that say this shot was confirmed and verified by video and other data, though.

Are you wondering when Canada became so badass? The Canadian armed forces have fewer than 70,000 active soldiers serving in the country. The U.S. has about half a million active soldiers in the Army alone. But don’t let those numbers fool you. America’s Hat is known for producing well-trained, skilled soldiers. They have fought alongside American and British militaries in major conflicts for years. Canadian Cpl. Rob Furlong boasted to the Post: Canadian snipers are the best in the world. The sniper training program has been around for a long time. It’s the foundation, and it’s been retooled from lessons learned in Afghanistan. We’ve built it to be the best.”

There’s still no word on whether or not the target has actually died. But in the immortal words of Filter, “hey man, nice shot.”

Photo: iStock/zabelin