Imagine giving your kid that quarter in your pocket so they will quit bugging you for a toy out of the vending machine, and they get a new prize filled with cocaine. Yep, that’s what we said.

California police discovered cocaine hidden in vending machine toys earlier this week after a boy’s putty ball ruptured and dumped out white powder, officials said. A mom and her son bought the toy from a vending machine for a quarter at Taqueria Los Altos restaurant in Los Angeles County’s Bell Gardens, police said in a news release. The boy was playing with the ball until it burst, revealing white powder hidden inside.

Police tested the white powder and discovered it was cocaine. They seized 136 grams, nearly five ounces, of the drug from the vending machine.

Officials said the number on the side of the machine was registered to “Snack Time Vending,” and urged the public to report toys distributed by the company. However, according to the Los Angeles Times, an unnamed woman at the company said her business didn’t own the machines that contained the drug-filled toys.

“We’re getting a bad rap,” the woman told the newspaper, adding that the firm did own two other machines in the restaurant that had the company’s name and number listed. The woman also said detectives probably assumed they were responsible for the machines because the ones they own were nearby. She added that the owner of the machine in question probably doesn’t know about the drugs because a lot of toys placed in the machines are usually bought in bulk on the internet or from wholesalers.

Regardless, police said any businesses using Snack Time Vending machines should remove them immediately and contact them.

What a country, huh?

Photo: iStock/MilosJokic