You know a song is a true classic when, over 40 years after it was released, it still brings thousands together.

Green Day recently posted a video from their London show earlier this month on YouTube, and it quickly racked up over four million views. Why is it so popular? In the clip, a stadium full of the American punk rock band’s fans are heard singing along in almost perfect unison to Queen’s hit song “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

The video is shot from a camera that was placed on stage. It shows the thousands of fans in the crowd busting out their best version of the 1975 song. The tune was being played as Green Day prepared to hit the stage for a concert in Hyde Park on July 1st. And, because the outcome was pretty damn cool, the band posted the video showcasing the whole moment on its official YouTube channel.

What’s even neater than the actual singalong is that the legendary band responded to the Green Day fans on Twitter. “Utterly Magnifico…we salute you @GreenDay fans,” Queen posted on the social media site along with a link to the video. Queen fans responded to the moment awesomely, too.

“The world is falling apart, everyone hates everyone else… but sometimes… it just takes one song to unite the masses,” one person also commented on YouTube.

Watch the Green Day crowd sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” together and check out the original version of the song, below.