Who says NASCAR drivers aren’t real athletes? That’s totally the case with female speedster Danica Patrick, and there’s now a book to help you get your body as ripped as hers. Theoretically.

Patrick isn’t afraid to go up against the boys on the track, or apparently in the gym, either. Her new book, Pretty Intense, is designed to help others get toned arms and a chiseled core like hers, and honestly, we’re judging this read by its cover.


The pages detail a three-part plan divided into mental, physical and food components that she uses to keep in seriously outstanding shape.

In addition to her book, which is due out sometime next year, Patrick also has an exclusive activewear collection available through the Home Shopping Network.

The driver has mentioned on Instagram that she’s shot five thousand photos for Pretty Intense already. If they’re anything like these sexy shots on her ’gram, we’re buying that bad boy as soon as it’s released.




Let it flow. Let go. Breathe.

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Doing yoga without a stopping point is the best way…..who knows how far you can go. Today or in life.

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Wishing my long sleeve shirt was actually a long sleeve sports bra! Because it's not hot…. or cold outside!!!!! #fall

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