There is a beer god. Imagine never having to stop at the store to stock up on beer when your friends come over, for the big game or after a rough day at work. That dream can happen now thanks to a new 1,000-pack of beer!

Don’t get too excited, though. You still can’t buy Bud Light, Miller Lite, or the other American favorites in that kind of bulk. Finland’s Keisari Lager is what’s available in the 1,000-pack. Their inspiration? Reportedly to show up a rival beer maker.

The massive packs of Keisari, brewed by Nokian Panimo, are said to be a “spontaneous joke” in response to some 100-packs of beer from Karjala that were introduced last month. That being said, the availability of these 1000-packs is “not a joke,” per Finnish media, and several stores have already started selling them.

Cost? $2,340 USD. And good luck getting all the booze home. If someone ends up actually taking advantage of this “deal,” they’ll probably need to supply their own pallet, their own polyethylene stretch wrap, and their own moving truck. 

But let’s be real, this is a great idea. Hopefully some domestic breweries jump on board ASAP. This is America, after all. Our freedom practically depends on it.