The Foo Fighters are back in action, and they’re back to their old ways again. Emphasis on “old.”

The legendary group is celebrating 22 years this summer, but anyone fearing that the band’s lost their edge will see otherwise with their new single, “Run.” The video proves that age simply brings on more wisdom and sometimes even a greater ability to rock out.

The new track’s accompanying music video shows the guys with their best elderly looks, thanks to the magic of prosthetic makeup. They find themselves in an oppressive nursing home, led by terrifying nurses. Grohl is nearly unrecognizable until he manages to rock a crowd of fellow housemates gathered in the chapel.

The rock originating from Grohl, Pat Smear, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel and Chris Shiflett is enough to spark a geriatric uprising. Soon the chapel floor has transformed into a straight-up music festival with retirees moshing, flashing and battling supervisors.

The moral of the story? Respect your elders, man.

“Run” is the band’s first new music since the Saint Cecilia EP in November 2015, and it’s rumored to be the lead track off their highly anticipated ninth studio album.