Maybe the incarcerated really do learn life lessons while being locked up. Six inmates are being called heroes after they saved the life of a correctional officer who passed out during a work detail at a cemetery earlier this month.

While working outside during a particularly hot and humid morning, the inmates of Polk County Jail in Georgia were quick to come to the rescue when the security officer watching over them collapsed unconscious. In a typical devil on one shoulder and angel on the other moment, the prisoners could have taken the officer’s gun and van and peaced out, but instead they were actually worried about the man’s health.

That’s when they rushed over to the fallen officer and found that he wasn’t breathing. The convicts were quick to remove his gun belt and bulletproof vest and performed CPR. Meanwhile, one of the inmates used the officer’s phone to dial 911.

Emergency personnel were quick to arrive. The guard had already started breathing again before they got there. He was taken to the hospital where he is currently recovering.

Stories like this one are uplifting in the face of darker jail-related tales, like the two inmates at a Georgia prison who recently killed two officers while being transported on a correctional center bus.

As you can imagine, the fallen guard’s family were overwhelmed with gratitude for what the inmates did. They even bought all six of the men lunch and dessert to thank them for their kind gestures.

And what’s cool, too, is that these men are finally getting rewarded in life for doing the right thing. Polk County Sheriff Johnny Moats shortened the jail sentences of the six men by about 25 percent.

Now that’s what we call time off for good behavior.