Forbes just released its 2017 list of highest paid entertainers, and we weren’t expecting, well, Diddy to be on top.

It’s true: This year, Sean “Diddy” Combs took the No.1 spot, raking in $130 million thanks to his Bad Boy Family Reunion Toura, a partnership with Ciroc vodka and selling a solid third of his Sean John clothing line for a cool $70 million. He beat out Beyoncé, who came swiftly in second with $105 million from her Formation World Tour and the release of her Lemonade album.

Other celebrities didn’t do so hot—comparatively speaking, of course. Taylor Swift, for example, took the top spot last year after she made $170 million, but she dropped to No. 49 this year with a paycheck of just about $44 million—a 74 percent year-over-year decrease. We don’t feel too bad…

J.K. Rowling took No. 3 with $95 million, followed by Drake who earned $94 million, jumping from No. 69 last year and more than doubling his income thanks to his Summer Sixteen and Boy Meets World tours, as well as endorsements with brands like Apple, Nike and Sprite. Cristiano Ronaldo made $93 million and is officially the fifth highest paid soccer player. The Weeknd made $92 million, placing him on the list for the very first time. And Howard Stern ($90 MM), Coldplay ($88 MM), James Patterson ($87 MM) and Lebron James ($86 MM) round out the remaining top 10.

It’s no shocker that Kylie Jenner made the list, dubbing her the youngest member. She landed No. 59 with $41 million in her pocket in large part due to her Kylie Cosmetics line and clothing lines. She’s not far behind her big sister Kim who secured the No. 47 spot after making $45.5 million this year, though we’re still not totally sure what exactly she does.

Combined, the world’s 100 highest-paid entertainers cashed out at $5.15 billion over the past 12 months. And we’re certain they’re doing really smart things with all of that money.

Photo: iStock/Rebecca Sapp