Gearheads, get ready to pick your jaws up off the floor. There’s a new Aston Martin in town, and you’re about to fall in love.

The dudes at Road & Track magazine have managed to get their paws on some exclusive details on Aston Martin’s forthcoming Valkyrie hypercar, and from what we’ve read, it’s just as insane as we dreamed it would be.

The insane monster machine will apparently boast 1,130 horsepower, with nearly 1,000 hp coming from a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12. The rest will come from an electric motor.


The development team was dedicated to making it lightweight, and it easily shows. The new ride only has a 2,270-pound curb weight. That means the Valkyrie is roughly 60 pounds lighter than the Mazda MX-5 Miata, but it has more power than a LaFerrari. How did they make it so light? For one, there are no exterior mirrors, but instead a camera system and LCD displays on either side of the dashboard. That eliminates the weight of electric adjustable door mirrors.

That also goes for the metal Aston Martin badge on the hood. It’s reportedly only a micron thick and weighs only a few milligrams. You apparently can’t even feel it when you run your fingers across it!

As for the interior? Photos viewed by Road & Track show a center console less than three inches wide, with nearly every vehicle control found on the steering wheel.


Personalization? Check. Each car will be tailored to its owner, with a custom seat formed from a 3D body scan of the driver.

Space? You bet. The car’s side pods contain spacious cargo holds, similar to the twin trunks in the McLaren F1. Apparently, they insisted that two people should be able to fit enough luggage in the Valkyrie for a weekend trip. And even though the cockpit looks tight, Aston Martin has said previously that its chief designer Marek Reichman, who’s six-foot four, could comfortably fit.

Bad news, though: All 150 limited-edition vehicles have already sold out. Guess you’ll have to find another use for that spare $3.2 million you’ve got lying around…