Becca Longo is 18 years old, and she can kick a football a country mile. She’s the first woman to land a major college football scholarship, and she’s just getting started. She could become the first woman to play in the NFL, and here are some more fun facts…

1. Longo is the first woman to earn a college football scholarship to an NCAA school at the Division II level or higher, as she has signed a letter of intent with Colorado’s Adams State University.

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2. She idolizes Heidi Garrett, a high school kicker who played with her older brother and once nailed a 48-yard field goal, which is the longest ever for a female kicker.

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3. Longo says that her kicking career actually began when she was a cheerleader.

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4. Longo’s leg is so strong that she routinely nails 45-yard field goals in practice.

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5. According to Bleacher Report, Longo trains with a personal kicking coach who has “coached seven All-State kickers in Arizona since 2006 and who has had four family members kick in the NFL.”

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6. Football isn’t the only sport she kicks ass in though. Longo will also be playing basketball for Adams State University.

7. Oh, and did we mention she’s freakin’ hot, too?

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Watch her make history in the video below: