Made ya look! There’s a random dude walking around Los Angeles who sort of looks like Conor McGregor, and people are going absolutely crazy.

McGregor’s upcoming boxing match against Floyd Mayweather goes down next month in Las Vegas on August 26th, and this stunt just proves that the hyped fans will believe and do just about anything to get even more pumped up than they already are.

Jokester Islam Badurgov apparently loves impersonating McGregor and getting mobbed on the streets of Muscle Beach in Santa Monica. That was the Kazakhstan-born athlete’s latest “prank,” which he recently pulled off with the help of the YouTube channel Muscle Madness.

While all of that may seem funny and like a good time, we really don’t get it because honestly, he doesn’t really even look like the man. Yes, he’s got the haircut, sunglasses and (temporar) tattoos, but he’s way more built than the 155-pound fighter, and it doesn’t sound like there’s a distinctive Irish accent coming from him, either.

But you know how people are, all that was needed was a semi-lookalike, a camera crew and big entourage, and fans went bonkers. Badurgov impressed his audience with several shows of strength on the bars by the beach, and cruised around Santa Monica in a convertible, luring fans out of their cars and into traffic for the prospect of a selfie.

We aren’t really sure if you should even categorize this guy’s stunt as a “prank” because he really didn’t do much to fool people other than walk down the road. This isn’t Badurgov’s first “prank” rodeo, though. In May, Muscle Madness uploaded a video of him pulling off a bunch of crazy athletic tricks while dressed like an old man.

If anything, Badurgov better watch out. We could see the real McGregor getting pissed off about him stealing his identity and challenging him to a straight up fight. But then again, maybe McGregor’s upcoming competition, Floyd Mayweather, could use him as some sort of pawn?

The whole McGregor and Mayweather hype is getting a bit crazy (and hilarious) these days, anyway. They’re both trying to get under each other’s skin like no other. For example, McGregor showed up to the fight’s Los Angeles press conference wearing a suit that simply had “f**k you” written all over it, and sported the basketball jersey of a NBA player who allegedly had an affair with Mayweather’s baby mama and ex-girlfriend.

Mayweather has dished back, and has reportedly asked McGregor’s UFC enemy Nate Diaz to walk out with him at the fight.

Would it be hilarious if Mayweather came out with Conor McFaker, too?