What in the hell do you watch on YouTube? Music videos? Product reviews? Movie trailers?

Well, if you’re anything like this guy named Paen Long, who is a car mechanic by profession, you use the video platform to learn how to build amazing things like a freakin’ functioning airplane.

The Cambodian man has never even set foot in an aircraft in his life. He chose an airplane over a helicopter because he believed it would be easier to build, and he worked on his craft at night since he was worried about everyone in his village of Prey Chhor making fun of him. As one could easily imagine, the whole building process wasn’t easy for him.

The plane he built is modeled after Japanese warplanes from WWII. It has a wing span of 5.5 m and is made mostly from recycled materials. It cost over $10,000 to build and weighs 500 kgs.

So, has he tried to actually fly this bad boy? You bet! His maiden flight wasn’t what you’d consider a success, but he did manage to get the plane 50 m above the ground before crashing. That didn’t stop him from fulfilling his flight dream, though.

Mr. Long is now working on a seaplane, which he believes will be light enough to fly. He has already spent more than $3,000 on the seaplane and even though he will have to journey almost 200 km before he can find a waterbody big enough for him to make this attempt, there’s nothing that’s going to stop him from trying. Sounds like his story is similar to the Wright Brothers’, eh?

The BBC did a full story on Mr. Long and you can read it here.