When you need a ride to see some smokin’ hot ta-tas, you probably shouldn’t call the police for an escort. A Florida man was just recently arrested after he called 911 and told them his grandma was having a stroke in a restaurant’s parking lot, just to get a free ride to see some sexy chicks.

According to a police report, Jonathan Hinkle told a 911 dispatcher that his grandmother was in trouble in a Hooters parking lot. He said that he would start running on foot to help her, but asked if police could pick him up and help him get there faster. Deputies caught up with Hinkle and took him to Hooters, where they began looking for his grandmother. Three hours later they found her, and she was fine.

“The grandmother wasn’t in any kind of distress, she was contacted and he had made phone calls to 911, which you simply cannot misuse the system like that,” Assistant State Attorney Gary Beatty said in an interview. The Sheriff’s office is now seeking the return of $222 wasted in the search for Hinkle’s healthy grandmother.

Perhaps this guys just wanted to chow down on their delicious wings or get a beer? We all know everyone only goes to Hooters for those reasons.