Feeling pretty patriotic? Greg Smith, of LaGrange, Georgia just upstaged you and your love for the USA after he used more than 10,000 plastic green Army men to create an American flag. To get the job done, he painted the Army men figurines red, white and blue and then glued them together in the shape of the flag. No joke.

So, how the heck did he come up with this idea? He told FOX 5 that he thought of it after visiting a restaurant that has a U.S. flag made up of baseball bats and baseballs.

“I wanted to do something in my spare time after I went through a divorce last year,” Smith told them. “I would work on it as I watched TV at night.”

This wasn’t a quick project, either. It took him a year to complete the flag, which he finished just in time to celebrate this year’s Fourth of July holiday. The display is pretty big, too, 4 feet by 3 feet.

Smith’s creation isn’t the only one like it out there, though. Last year, a high school senior named Jacob Feazel from Peru, Indiana created an Army-man American flag, too. His was composed of 4,466 toy soldiers and measured 4 feet by 6 feet.


One could argue that while Feazel’s is bigger and more accurate, star-wise, Smith’s holds the distinction of being entirely made of Army men. Feazel’s is bolstered by white paint on the background.

In an interview with WishTV, the teen said, “The soldiers are what make the U.S. free, you know? They fight for us so I figured it’s honoring them by putting them in the flag.”

Feazel’s parents were impressed by their kid’s work and posted photos of the patriotic project on Facebook. That gallery has been shared over 188,000 times. He has even received multiple offers to buy his creation, and Grissom Air Reserve base has expressed interest in displaying it. Aside from entering it into a scholarship competition and local art shows, he plans on keeping it.

To both guys, we say, Hoo-ah!