We all regret some things we’ve done in our younger years… especially when it comes to how we treated our parents. Sian Pierre Regis recently found himself in this exact situation, and when he became aware of how shitty he treated his mother Rebecca back in the day, he decided to give her one of the coolest gifts ever when she fell on hard times.

The man has said that despite his mother working hard to take care of him and feed him when he was a kid, he often gave her hell for not making more money. He knows he was a bit ungrateful, so that’s why he’s trying hard to make up for that now.

When his mom recently called him, and told him she lost her job, Sian decided to step in. In order to get her through the tough time, the young entrepreneur helped Rebecca complete everything on her bucket list.

What exactly was on her list, you may ask? Oh, you know, she wanted to take a hip hop class, join Instagram, skydive, milk a cow in Vermont and walk the Boston Marathon. So, they did just that.

You can watch a video of their adventures together, below. We’re not crying; you’re crying!