Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg finally picked up his Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree 12 years after dropping out of Harvard University, where he studied computer science, to work on Facebook full time.

What started as “The Facebook” back in his college dormitory in 2004 was, at the time, limited to only Harvard students; it eventually expanded to other Ivy League universities. What we now know as just “Facebook” has since led to, essentially, world domination.

The millionaire isn’t the first Harvard dropout to found a technology company. But Bill Gates, another example, took a lot longer to finally scoop up that honorary degree. Gates, who left the university to start Microsoft in 1975, didn’t receive his degree until 2007.

Zuckerberg delivered Harvard’s 2017 366th commencement address today so, along with finally making his parents proud, he’s been wandering around his old stomping grounds and sharing some live videos with his, you guessed it, Facebook followers.

In one video, he took viewers on a tour of his old dorm room where he built Facebook.

And last week, he also shared a video of his teenage self finding out he’d been accepted into Harvard. We bet he’s as excited to update his resume as he is in this video. “Yay.”

Lead Photo: Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg