A smart girl knows what to do to distract a man… flash him, duh. That’s exactly what 22-year-old Korina Evaniuk did while attending a Marlins baseball game earlier this week. 

(If you do not enjoy reading—or sexy photos—scroll to video clip at bottom of page!)


As the Marlins were taking on the St. Louis Cardinals in Miami, viewers at home watching the game got quite a surprise when they spotted a woman showing off her cleavage. She pulled down and opened the V-neck of her Marlins shirt to make the big reveal—and attempt to distract Cardinals reliever Brett Cecil.

“I just shimmied my boobs a bit but I guess the whole internet just broke after that,” she told Inside Edition. “I was just having fun…That’s just me. It’s my personality. We were drinking. We were, I don’t know, watching the game. It was, I don’t know, we wanted to have a distraction. We wanted to try and win! I’m bringing attention to baseball I guess, so where’s my cut?”

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She quickly became a social media phenomenon for giving viewers quite the show.

So why was she at the game in the first place? She was the guest of Laurence Leavy, known to sports fans around the country for dressing in the orange colors of the Marlins. His nickname is “Marlins Man.” He reportedly brought her to the game to make it interesting. She definitely made things more entertaining…and hot!


There are some people not happy with Evaniuk’s boob show, though. The Marlins organization is reportedly not thrilled with what she had done. Especially because her tit jiggle did little to distract the opposing team. The Marlins ending up losing 7-5. 

At least the TV audience got a thrill, right? Sadly, she has vowed to never do it again, so enjoy this video while it lasts!

Photos: worldredeye