A Pennsylvania jury just awarded some dude $870,000 because his doctor chopped off the wrong testicle during a botched surgery back in 2013.

The man with the million-dollar ball is 54-year-old Steven Hanes. He’d suffered from chronic pain in his right testicle for years and sought treatment from Dr. V. Spencer Long, who recommended surgical removal after an ultrasound revealed scarring from a previous injury. That sucks, but it was whatever… Until Dr. Long removed the wrong testicle, that is.

“At this point it appeared that the left testicle and cord may actually have been removed instead of the right one,” Long wrote in the postoperative report.

The jury said Dr. Long was “recklessly indifferent” in his treatment of Hanes, so they gave the poor guy $620,000 in compensatory and $250,000 in punitive damages.

Hanes has apparently not sought further treatment after the procedure left him with a “debilitating fear.”


Photo: iStock/megaflopp