Nick Santonastasso

Hate getting one-upped at the gym? Well calm yourself because you’re going to feel like a chump after you see what this badass can do in there.

A 21-year-old man from Tampa, Florida can easily lift a 152lb tire nine times, despite having only one arm and no legs. And there are videos to prove it.

Nick Santonastasso was born with Hanhart Syndrome, a genetic disorder which stunts the growth of limbs in babies, often leaving them with undeveloped organs. While the survival rate for those with the condition is only 30 percent, this dude has proven that his situation cannot hold him back at all.

In high school, Santonastasso was a wrestler. He actually decided to amputate part of his shorter arm in order to allow him to use it more physically while grappling. He kept kicking ass from that point on, and has since launched a successful career as a bodybuilder and fitness model.

Today, he showcases his badassery on his YouTube channel where he has over 50,000 subscribers. In one video titled “My Life Story” he explains that he is one of only 12 people to have ever been born with the disorder. “Of those 12, eight of them are dead,” he adds.

Other videos on his page show him swimming, skateboarding and wrestling. They’ve racked up over 3 million views in total.  People seem to be amazed to see someone with his condition do the insane athletic things he does.

This guy isn’t only taking over YouTube, either. He has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram as well. He’s a selfie king, and he likes to post clips of his crazy gym routines and nutrition recommendations. He’s also the CEO for the fitness company Raw Mettle Motivations.

His awesomeness has landed him some other sweet gigs, too. He has worked with Reebok, appeared on The Today Show and worked with fellow athletes Conor McGregor and JJ Watt.

So the next time you’re lacking motivation, think of this dude.